Pinawa Foundation Has Successful Day at Blood Donor’s Clinic

The Pinawa Foundation, in collaboration with the Lac du Bonnet & District Charitable Foundation, Transplant Manitoba and the Canadian Blood Services, hosted an information display at the Blood Donors Clinic in Lac du Bonnet on March 27. They promoted their “Sign Up for Life” campaign to register 500 residents to be organ and tissue donors. They also explained the benefits of on-line registration registered donors at the clinic.

“We had a great day” said Chris Saunders, Executive Director of the Pinawa Foundation. “We registered 53 new donors to the program. The Foundation’s efforts over the past 8 months have now resulted in over 350 new donors in Manitoba. We also had the opportunity to explain to a large group the benefits of registering your wishes rather than leaving it up to your family”.

“It is important to understand that signing your driver’s license only let’s your family know your wishes. They still need to make the decisions and file appropriate paperwork at the time of your passing” said Saunders. “When you register your wishes on-line, your donation decision is recorded and it has to be respected. You relieve your family of the burden to make this decision without your input”.

The display was manned by Chris Saunders, John Barnard, Lac du Bonnet Foundation’s President, Rolly Simard, A Lac du Bonnet Volunteer, and Brian Gamley, a Pinawa volunteer helping the Pinawa Foundation.

If you missed your opportunity to sign up to be an organ or tissue donor, please see us at the next blood donor’s clinic on May 22. You can also see Pat Porth at the Two Rivers Seniors Resource Council Office at the Pinawa Shopping Centre Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can also sign up at home by going to

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