Foundation Project: The History of Whiteshell Laboratories

On behalf of the Whiteshell History Committee, the Pinawa Foundation is proud to announce our plans to publish our first book entitled “Whiteshell Laboratories – A Legacy to Nuclear Science and Engineering in Canada”.
The Pinawa Foundation would like everyone to have the opportunity to review the book and suggest changes or additions to the story. Learn more about Whiteshell Laboratories >>

How Did the Foundation Get Started?

The Pinawa Community Foundation was formed by a number of community-minded people. Volunteer organizations work hard to raise funds for important charities within our community.  We were looking for a way to make it easier for these local groups to continue their good work – a community foundation was the answer.

The purpose of the Pinawa Foundation is to create endowment funds.  The investment earnings from this fund will be used to support community charitable projects.  Charitable status allows the Pinawa Foundation to issue tax receipts for any donation received.  See frequently asked questions (FAQ) for more details about the origins of the Foundation.

Our Mission

The Pinawa Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life in the LGD of Pinawa through the creation and management of funds gifted in perpetuity and the distribution of earnings generated from these invested funds for local charitable purposes.

What the Foundation Does

The Foundation and our donors strengthen and improve the quality of life in Pinawa through three key roles:

  • Creating and building permanent endowment funds while providing flexible comprehensive donor services
  • Making broad responsive, effective and strategic grants
  • Inspiring community leadership and serving our community as a resource partner for all charitable activities.

What We Do Not Do

  • We do not use professional fundraisers.
  • We do not solicit by telephone, e-mail or door-to-door.
  • We do not use any of your donation for administration costs.
  • We do not sell or trade your name or address.
  • We do not pay high management fees for our investments.

Goals of Foundation

Our long-term goal is to create a better community with vitality through the generous help of everyone in Pinawa for today, tomorrow and future generations.  The Pinawa Foundation will do three key things:

  • Work with donors to build endowment funds that ensure vital futures for our community – vitality depends on long-term resources for long-term solutions.
  • Grant funds to the widest possible range of organizations and initiatives within the community – vitality comes from everywhere in Pinawa.
  • Bring people together to stimulate new ideas and build participation – vitality needs leadership.

For further information about our objectives and principles, read about us.