Applying for Grants

How Charities Apply for Grants

Grant Requests are accepted throughout the year and will be considered as funds become available. Urgent applications will be considered by the board for immediate action. Charities receiving grants will be asked to fill out a Post Grant Report .

Deserving causes, not covered by approved charity status, can always be considered by the board. In these cases the Board may be able to find a related charity through which the grant can be directed, or the Board may be able to get permission from the CRA to open its own benevolent program.

Donor-Advised Grants

A number of Funds held by the foundation are donor-advised – that is, an adviser (or advisers) proposes how earnings from each Fund are spent. Advisers will be asked to submit a Donor-Advised Fund Disbursement Form describing planned expenditures. Each Fund Adviser will also be asked to submit a Post Grant Report .

Scholarship / Bursary Grants

Applicants for scholarships or bursaries should fill out a Scholarship / Bursary Application Form . Advisers of such Funds will be asked to approve grants to selected candidates.

Submitting Forms

Please submit all forms to the Pinawa Foundation by regular mail.

For contact information and mailing instructions please see the contact page. For further inquiries and information please feel free to contact us by telephone or email.