Pinawa Foundation Awards Build 150 Grants

2020 marks Manitoba’s 150th anniversary. The Pinawa Foundation has partnered with Endow Manitoba and the Manitoba 150 Host Committee to celebrate of Manitoba 150.

The Foundation announced today that they have provided grants to the Ironwood Gardens, Pinawa’s new Elder Care Residence and the Pinawa Players. “The $16,000 grant to Ironwood Gardens will help fund a new fence as part of the planned garden development” said Chris Saunders, Chairman of the Foundation. “A grant of $4,000 was awarded to the Pinawa Community Centre, at the request of the Pinawa Players, to install new stage curtains”.

Carol Findlay, Treasurer for the Foundation, was pleased with the support the Foundation could give these worthy projects. “We are excited to be able to support these projects and to celebrate Manitoba’s 150th anniversary”.

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