Chris Saunders Named 2020 Volunteer of the Year

Community Futures Winnipeg River named the Pinawa Foundation’s Chairman Chris Saunders as the 2020 Volunteer of the Year. The following comes from Community Futures’ Annual Report:

Foundation Chairman Chris Saunders

Chris was recognized as a dedicated volunteer and hard-working community supporter. He has made noticeable contributions to many projects, activities, and initiatives, all of which have made a positive impact in Pinawa. Chris moved to the community in 1980 and in no time, he got involved in various local activities. Forty years later, Chris is still an active, engaged volunteer in Pinawa. His early involvement in the community stemmed from his love for sports. Chris was very involved with Minor Hockey and served many roles including coaching, managing, and refereeing. Chris has always been a willing volunteer at many local sporting, fundraising, and Lions Club events. Over the years he has participated on numerous boards and committees. Chris was part of the team to form the Pinawa Foundation and has served as Chairman since its inception. The Pinawa Foundation is dedicated to improving quality of life, strengthening the community, providing support to local groups and local organizations, and creating positive and lasting partnerships. The Foundation has experienced rapid growth under his leadership and with his infectious enthusiasm for supporting the community. The Foundation has provided a vehicle for groups to access funding to advance local projects. Chris has great pride in his hometown, and he works hard to make Pinawa a better place. For Pinawa’s 50th Birthday in 2013, Chris helped create two history books to capture the first 50 years of history in both the community and the Whiteshell Laboratories. Chris is currently involved in a special heritage project that is developing display panels to highlight people, groups, landmarks, and events that have been important to the community over the years. Chris also continues to support the community through his own business by sponsoring many local events and fundraisers. Chris Saunders has made positive economic and social impacts in our community thanks to his dedication and volunteer contributions. Chris gives back to the community so the community can continue to strive and grow. Chris can often be heard to say “How can I help?”

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