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Youth in Philanthropy

The students’ request for grant applications were sent out in early 2021 with a March 31 deadline.  Successful applicants will be announced at the Foundation AGM in June (fingers crossed). The students are meeting regularly with Mrs. Krupka, recruiting for new members, co-ordinating grant applications, and interacting with the community.

Philanthropy Week November 15 – 21, 2021

Philanthropy Day was stretched from one day to a full week again in 2021.  It was a success. Thank you to everyone who added to our unrestricted endowment funds that week. The Foundation added $81,480 to our endowment (this includes $4,000 in grants from the Province of Manitoba and The Winnipeg Foundation).  Our community ranked 4th in donations received in 2021.

The same week-long format will be used for 2022.  Donations on-line may be made starting Monday November 14 through to Sunday November 20, 2022. Cheques payable to the Pinawa Foundation should be received by Saturday November 19, 2022.

Community Project Month – May 2022

The following groups are participants in 2022 Community Project Month.

Survivor’s Hope Crisis Inc. – “Promotional Educational Materials”. Goal: $5,000

Pinawa Tennis Club – “Repurposing/Resurfacing Tennis/Pickleball Courts”. Goal: $25,000

Pinawa Public Library – “Indoor Patio Furniture”.  Goal: $3,500

Pinawa Lions Club – “Burrows Park Playground Upgrade”.  Goal $8,000 (Balance of $50k) 

Pinawa Christmas Committee – “Holiday Lights Enhancement”.  Goal: $1,000

Pinawa Cancer Care – “Improved Communication for Patient/Health Care Team (laptop/3 monitors/smart TV)”. Goal: $3,200

Trans Canada Trail – “2022 Trail Tread Maintenance 28 km.”  Goal: $6,000

Orville Acres Arena – “Floor Upgrade/Outdoor Rink LED”. Goal: $7,500

Children’s Place Day-Care – “Day Care Building Exterior Refurbishment”. Goal: $30,000

WSXC Ski Club – “Equipment Maintenance & Red Trail Bridge Deck Repair”. Goal: $3,000

Pinawa Health Auxiliary – “Courtyard Garden & SARA Steady Mate (modified mechanical lift) “ . Goal $500/$9,000

Two Rivers Seniors – “Operational Costs for Pinawa programs & office”. Goal: $6,000

Pinawa Art 211 – “Projector for Art Education/Presentations”. Goal $800

The Pinawa Foundation will stretch community donations by 40% (to a maximum of $2,000 per group). One cheque can contribute to all or any of the participating groups.  Tax receipts issued for donations $25 and over.  We accept e transfer for Pinawa Foundation to fndlyc@mymts.net with all same info as a cheque. The past year has challenged all local groups and the usual fundraising activities to support their budgets have not happened. Please support them if you can.

Highlighting of Our Endowment Funds

No matter what you’re passionate about you can support it through the Pinawa Foundation. Your generous gifts help create ‘a Pinawa where community life flourishes for all.’ Choose your cause and an endowment fund to fulfill your wishes now and in the future. An endowment fund is like an investment account for our community. Gifts are permanently invested, and a portion of the income earned (the spending policy) is distributed every year to local registered charities as grants. There are a lot of great reasons. You can give back to your community and support a cause you care about. Since endowment funds are permanent, you’ll help our community For Good. Forever.

The Pinawa Foundation currently has two open endowment funds, three field of interest funds, two named funds, and four designated funds. Today we would like to highlight these designated funds.

  1. The Pinawa Public Library has been a fixture in the community since 1963. Over the years the Library has grown and changed with the times.  It continues to come up with improvements and refreshing new ideas. Extra funding, generated through its endowment fund (established 2014) and other activities, allows the library to have special presentations over the cold winter months – like author readings, selections by the school choir and information on new and unusual hobbies.  Supporting the library through donations to their endowment fund will ensure it continues to be a success story.
  2. The Friends of the Ironwood Trail established their endowment fund in 2017 to support the on-going maintenance costs associated with the trail around Pinawa. The mandate of the “The Friends of the Ironwood Trail” to preserve and enhance the natural setting of our town.
  3. The Arts and Culture Fund supports the various arts groups in Pinawa, such as Art 211 and the Whiteshell Winter Arts Festival. Fund established in 2018.
  4. The Pinawa Health Auxiliary Fund – in honour of the Sochaski Family. The Health Auxiliary supports local healthcare initiatives. Over the past 50+ years they have donated over $300,000 for various local facilities, including the hospital and the Ironwood seniors’ complex. Their fund raising has also allowed them to supply the daily paper to the hospital and supply favours on the patients’ trays once a month. They have renovated several special rooms in the hospital (i.e., Children’s Ward, Cancer Care Ward, Palliative Care Rooms, Lounges, Waiting Rooms, and Outdoor Patio area). They also supply and maintain plants for the Courtyard and award scholarships to local students.

Fay Sochaski passed away in September 2019 and the family started the fund that fall. Fay was a long-time member of the Pinawa Health Auxiliary. Fay and her husband Ray, along with their young family became one of the first ‘pioneers’ to the new Town of Pinawa. Over the years Fay volunteered with the Hospital Auxiliary, the Arena concession, taught Sunday School, canvassed for charities, and served on the school board.

For more information about the Pinawa Foundation, or to make a donation, visit us at pinawafoundation.org or check us out on Facebook.

For our Good. For our Future.

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