Pinawa Foundation Welcomes New Board Members

The Pinawa Foundation welcomes Janice Swanson, Kate Kaminski, and Kristen Ticknor to our 2023 Board of Directors. All three grew up in Pinawa and bring a strong desire to see the community they were raised in flourish and grow. Janice, Kate, and Kristen have already made a strong impact on the board, and we look forward to seeing how the board moves forward throughout 2023.

The Board of Directors would also like to thank Alf Wikjord for his many years of service to Pinawa and the Pinawa Foundation as he retires from the board. Alf has always been a valuable, experienced mentor for the board, and he will be missed. Thank you, Alf.

Pinawa Foundation’s New Board Members – Janice Swanson, Kate Kaminski, and Kirsten Ticknor

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