Pinawa Foundation Challenges You

The Pinawa Foundation has partnered with Transplant Manitoba to promote a campaign to get 500 Pinawa residents to register on-line to be organ and tissue donors at

Organ donation saves and improves the quality of life for thousands of Canadians every year. Registering your wishes to be an organ and tissue donor not only helps someone else, it helps your family as well. When you register your wishes, this information is made available to your family at the right time, ensuring that your donation decision is known and respected. By making a donation decision today, you relieve your family of the burden to make this decision without your input.

Pinawa’s “Drive to 500 Campaign” coincides with the community’s upcoming 50th Birthday. “We are always looking for a way to impact our community and our province” said Chris Saunders, Chairman of the Pinawa Foundation. “If we are successful over the next year, over 30% of the town will register to be an organ donor. This would be a great way for Pinawa to say thank-you to Manitoba for 50 great years”.

Pinawa would also like to challenge all other community foundations in Manitoba to join the cause. Can your town beat Pinawa’s target of 500 donors?

“We are very pleased to partner with the Pinawa Foundation on this unique campaign and we hope every community foundation will help us. More donors means more lives saved,” said Jillian Barrott, the Communications Coordinator for Transplant Manitoba’ Gift of Life Program and

To be included in our “Drive to 500”, you will need to register to be a donor at:

Once you register, you need to e-mail a copy of your donor card directly to In the subject line of the e-mail, just say Pinawa Resident

Please remember that if you have previously registered to be donor, you can still be part of our campaign by e-mailing your donor card to the address above.

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