Fender Bender Reunion Social Leaves Pinawa Legacy

The Pinawa Foundation would like to announce that the 50th Reunion Social featuring our own Fender Benders raised $3,400 for the community foundation. “The event was a huge success and will be remembered for a long time” said Chris Saunders, Executive Director of the Pinawa Foundation. “A special thank-you has to go to all of the volunteers, particularly the Benders, Louise Daymond as the the promoter/organizer, Mike and Wendy Berry (other their team), the High School Memory Lane Committee, Solo Market and the PCDC.

All of the funds donated to the Pinawa Foundation are added to their endowment fund. These funds are invested and they generate revenue every year that is donated back to charities in Pinawa. The Reunion Social has now helped to create this permanent legacy for Pinawa.

Fender Benders Poster

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