Fall 2015 News

The fall of 2015 was a very successful season for the Pinawa Foundation.

The Thomas Sill Foundation Challenge

The Challenge runs from March 2, 2015 to September 1, 2016. Pinawa surpassed our $50,000 goal on Philanthropy Day. It was very exciting to reach our goal in half the time given us for the challenge. The money presented to us by Thomas Sill Foundation adds to our General Endowment Fund and our Smart & Caring Community Fund. These two funds give us the broadest range for granting purposes within the community.

Philanthropy Day – November 14, 2015

The Foundation’s goal was $25,000 for the 24 hour challenge. Pinawa rose to the challenge and our endowment funds grew by $36,128. The grants added an additional $19,000. We did really well and were very pleased and proud of our community, and then we learned we were number two in the province (out of 45 community foundations). That was even more exciting. Selkirk came in first again this year. Everyone knows what it means when you are number two – there is still the chance to get to Number One in 2016.

Pinawa Foundation Grants for 2015

Two grants were made to Survivor’s Hope Crisis Centre Inc. The first grant early in the year was for Human Resource training for staff and volunteers – it was the first of a 3 year commitment to provide funding – the total grant will be $2,500. The second one time grant of $1,000 was for staff training for student workshops in schools as part of the on-going education program offered by Survivor’s Hope.

The Foundation made a grant to the Pinawa Health Auxiliary of $750. This funding is destined for seniors’ comfort items in the proposed Pinawa Lac du Bonnet Seniors’ Home.

LGD was presented with $650 for improvements to the Burrows Ball Diamond. Anita & Lian selected this as their choice for a 2014 and 2015 project in memory of Ron T. Drabyk. It was a great idea as the diamond was used throughout the summer.


Both the Pinawa Foundation and Gladys Guthrie Memorial Scholarship were awarded to Ms. Emilie Shewchuk, a 2015 Pinawa Secondary School graduate. She is interested in a career in the medical field.

Designated Donations

Designated Donations were made to the following groups:

  • The 2015 Christmas Hamper Campaign was very successful. Pinawa donated $5,900 to give others a happy holiday. Thank you everyone.
  • The Pinawa Bridge Club $2000
  • The Pinawa Health Auxiliary $1375
  • The Pinawa Rowing Club $1375
  • The Pinawa Lions Club $1000
  • The Pinawa Public Library $1375
  • Whiteshell X-Country Ski Club $1375
  • Whiteshell Cycling Club $1375
  • F.W. Gilbert PAC Playground Project $304

Interesting Tidbits

  • The Foundation disbursed $21,000 to the community in 2015.
  • Philanthropy Day added 9 donors to our Bronze Club (board at the Mall)
  • Phlianthropy Day added 4 donors to our Silver Club (board at the Mall)
  • Philanthropy Day added 1 donor to our Gold Club (board at the Mall)
  • Father-Daughter, Mother-son, Mother-daughter combo donors on Philanthropy Day. Lovely to see the younger generation participating.
  • 55 donors participated in Philanthropy Day
  • $36,128 raised in 24 hour period.

Thank You Pinawa for your generosity in 2015
You are Amazing

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