Acsion Partners with Pinawa Foundation

The Pinawa Foundation and Acsion Industries are please to announce a new corporate partnership program for Acsion’s current and past employees and contractors. The “Thank-you Pinawa” program sees Acsion match the donations made to the foundation from their employees and contractors over the next five years, to a total of $25,000. Acsion has also set-up a payroll eduction plan to make it easy for staff to donate.

“Pinawa has been a great home for Acsion”, said Chairman David Walker. “Many of our staff and contractors have lived and worked here for decades. This new partnership with the Pinawa Foundation allows us to say thank-you to the town in a significant, on-going way”.

“The Pinawa Foundation welcomes Acsion to our family of corporate partners”, added Chris Saunders, Chairman of the Foundation. Their generosity will help us raise as much as $50,000 to support the great charities in our town. This is a wonderful gift for new foundation and we hope that their “Thank-you Pinawa” program can become a model for other local companies as we work together to grow the foundation.

The funds generated from the program will be added to the endowment funds of the foundation. The revenues generated from these investments will be donated annually to worthy charities in Pinawa.

David Walker, Chairman of Acsion, and Chris Saunders, Chairman of the Pinawa Foundation

David Walker, Chairman of Acsion, and Chris Saunders, Chairman of the Pinawa Foundation, announce the "Thank-you Pinawa" Program

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